Python Programming for Beginners

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About This Course

Learn Python programming from scratch with 6 hands-on projects in this 15-hour Python course!

The average salary for Python novices/freshers starting their career is 6lpa and salary for the experts ranges over 24lpa. This might shift across businesses relying upon the work job, ability, nature of work, city, and so forth Numerous IT organizations like Nokia, IBM, Yahoo, Disney, Google, and numerous others are on the steady post for Python engineers.

Course Curriculum :

  • The Companies using Python. Popular Applications where Python is used.
  • Python Environment Setup (Jupyter & Anaconda).
  • Fundamentals: Variables, Numbers and Boolean, Strings, Arithmetic Operators, The Double Equality Sign, Reassign Values, Add Comments, Line Continuation, Indexing Elements, Structure Your Code with Indentation, comparison Operators, Logical and Identity Operators.
  • Data Types: Immutable – [Numbers, Strings, Tuples]; Mutable – [Lists, Dictionaries, Sets] and related operations.
  • Loops: For Loops (break, continue, pass) & While Loops
  • Functions: creating and calling functions, lambda, filter, map, in-built functions, user defined functions
  • Condition: if, if-else, nested if-else, else-if
  • Library: What is library, what is package, how to create packages, Introduction to PIP, Namespace, Using Python Packages, Installing Packages via PIP
  • An intro to Tkinter – Python GUI Library
  • An overview of the Spyder IDE

Projects Included:

  • Student Portfolio
  • Rock Paper Scissor
  • Multiplication Tables
  • Real Calculator
  • News App with Tkinter
  • Bulk File Renamer

Material Includes

  • 15 Hours Video Content
  • 6 Hands-on Projects
  • Verified Completion Certificate

Target Audience

  • The training is for beginners and moderate-level students.
  • If you are having a passion to learn Python and you know how to turn on a computer. You can learn. You will need a computer, access to the internet, interest in learning Python, basic math knowledge.


Python Programming

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python course from beginner to expert


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Material Includes

  • 15 Hours Video Content
  • 6 Hands-on Projects
  • Verified Completion Certificate

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